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All about Hawaii Biogas

Hawaii biogas was created in order to help local hawaiians with both their cooking and fertilizer needs.  The system allows for both large and small scale operations to take place.

The residential use is for composting and gas use.  It helps reduce ever growing propane costs for the home.  It eliminates flies, smells and other negatives from composting and it provides liquid fertlizer for all of your plants needs.  The system only has a 4 foot by 9 foot foot print and activates easiliy in Hawaii.  My family uses the system for this purpose at home today.  We cook in our garage to have a social setting for both the family and guests that come to the house.

The commercial use is ideal for fertilizer creation.  Being one of the licensed hemp farmers on the island, it was critical to find a solution that breaks us away from the mainland fertilzier dependency.  We are able to create clean, potent, and organic fertilizer for our plants to thrive.

Here are the lab results from the University of Hawaii:

HomeBiogas CTAR Test Results

The HomeBiogas system lets the customer control the fertilizer that is created.  Therefore, it enables you to control how your plant and trees will react.  It is a verty exciting time for us in Hawaii and would love for your family to experience the same results.