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How biogas is produced

Biogas is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. When organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, break down in an anaerobic environment (an environment absent of oxygen) they release a blend of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide.  Because this decomposition happens in an anaerobic [...]

All about Hawaii Biogas

Hawaii biogas was created in order to help local hawaiians with both their cooking and fertilizer needs.  The system allows for both large and small scale operations to take place. The residential use is for composting and gas use.  It helps reduce ever growing propane costs for the home.  It eliminates flies, smells and other [...]

Home Biogas Systems in Australia

HomeBiogas has made its way into over 90 countries across the globe, but it has been making waves in one particularly special country: Australia. With Australia’s scenic landscape and plentiful sun, it is no wonder that it is home to such a thriving environmental movement. It is this, coupled with a strong desire to live independently [...]